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Celts are the most mis-understood of the races of people.  They were thought of as barbarians, but they actually had a remarkable social and family structure. 

Celts had laws and women had even more rights as the men.  Women could own property, fight in battle, be elected as tribal leader, become druids, and if their husband did not please them that was all they needed to divorce them. 

Celts also elected their tribal king each year.  During peace they would elect a king knowledgable of farming and commerence, and during time of battle they would elect a warrior.  In Ireland besides the tribal king they would have a Great King who would reign over all.  Tribes were usually family groups that would live in small groups and were farmers, fishermen and hunters. 

They also had a fostering program where the sons were moved to a relative's tribal group for training and then when comleted returned to the tribe.  This also, gave the son a chance to meet other girls and expand the tribal population with very little chance of interbreeding. 

There were any classes of Celts: slaves, ccommon, warriors, artisans, druids, bards and kings.  In the warrior class the young males were taught by the female and the female warriors were taught by the males, this helped with the transfer of energy from female to male. 

Female energy and goddessses were big with the Celts as they blieve in Mother earth and the power of birth comming from the female.  They honor  females and the Celtic Triad is a symbol of the female spirit containing the three female forms: maiden, matron, and crone. The term crone is not an insult it is used to honor a female of age, with experience.

Celts (Keltoi by the Romans) also known as Kelts were though by the Romans to be barbarians as they were not organized when they fought in battle.  The Celts would enter battle blowing dragon headed horns, beating their shields, screaming and shouting insults and singing of their expoits.  They would wear tunics, briches, some with no shirts and others were totally nude and some were nude and painted blue.  The blue paint was called wode and was made of crushed plants and was a drug that was absorbed through the skin and caused a state of mind that either you want to make love or fight. 

The Celts also, carried large shields 3 feet tall, swords rangin from short swords to long claymores.  They used charriots to bring javalin and archers into battle and to pick up wounded or tired fighters and bring in replacements to keep fresh people in the fight. 

The average size of the Celts was 6' - 6' 8". The average Roman was 5' 4" and the Celtic washed their hair in lime which made their hair white and stood out straight.  And the women would fight right along with the men, sometimes in the nude. 

The difference in battle sytle depends on the fight.  If two tribes came together to battle the King odf each tribe would select a couple of warriors who would engage in combat and the tribe who's warriors win would win the confrontation.  The Celts did not see reason why to sacrafice many men just to settle a mild arguement.  The Roman Senate did not see it that way.  They figure if we have all these men use them. 

The Romans did fear the druids as they were thought to hold  great magic.  Though very rarely did the druids go into battle.  Druids were the Celt's spiritual leaders, judges, lawyers and history keepers.  They forbid any Celtic history from being written down.  They though that oral stories were the only way to keep the history going,  they believe that if you write it down you will forget and lose the history. 

Due to their believes the only history that we have was written by the romans who changed things to make themselves look better.  Celts actually have a great hirsoty it just depends on who you want to believe.  If you have any thing to add or questions lets chat. 

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