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Gargoyle, Sir O'Dunne, And the Forming of the Mercs-By the Esteemed Scholar Fillios Booksworth

Posted by Fillios Booksworth on August 1, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Gargoyle, Sir O'Dunne, and the Forming of The Mercs-By the Esteemed Scholar Fillios Booksworth.

Sir O'Dunne, a brave and loyal Knight, hails from Ireland, and has many acres of the King's Land which he protects.  For this service he lives in the great stone castle, which, of course, is called Castle O'Dunne.

Many battles he has fought, man to man, steel to steel, with glory and death hanging in the balance.  Indeed, he has seen so much combat that one wonders how he's survived this long.  Mostly its due to his vast knowledge of the blade, constantly training body and mind to be one with the sword, and the sword to be one with him.  However, I have found that some of his survivablility comes from the protection of the ancient being called Gargoyle, master of stone lore and earth lore, as well as a traveler through time and space. 

Gargoyle, in his vast wisdom which outreaches my own by miles, came up with the idea of selecting a force of warriors, artisans, apothecaries, armorers, and so forth, from many different ages, thus creating Sir O'Dunnes personal retinue, a company so skilled in so many areas that House O'Dunne would become supreme and known throughout the many lands.  And so the Mercs were formed.  We have traveled through many times and places, performing demonstrations to curious patrons, as well as fighting in many battles alongside our allies.  This is the nature of the Mercs, and a key to our unmatched success.

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