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My Adventure in the Ottoman Empire-By the Esteemed Scholar Fillios Booksworth

Posted by Fillios Booksworth on August 1, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Chapter 1- An Inspiration in London

It was the year 1582, an I was but a young man.  During that year I had moved to London in the attic of a Bookseller's house, which fit me perfectly.  His name was Jonathan Richards, a most agreeable old sage with a long white beard and thick glass spectacles.  In other words, he looked to be an older version of myself.  My business in London was quite simple; the fame of a certain playwright, by the name of William Shakespeare, was growing, and I wanted to not only read copies of his plays, but see one performed, being an avid fan of theatre in my own right.

Jonathan was kind enough to lend me a fresh copy of Romeo and Juliet, and I read it cover to cover in a single night.  The use of English and all of its witty intricies was quite brilliant.  The story itself, being a tragic doomed love tale, was good, but fits the same framework of many other great plays, such as the plays of Sophocles.  There was a performance of this blockbuster at the Globe Theatre on Wednesday, and I was excited to go.  However, an unusaully cold week in which it snowed, rained, and hailed, ruined the chances and put me in a desultory mood.  And so my mind wandered to other areas of interest, pouring over books in my cooped up attic room, roaming over maps of the east.  As my eyes rested over the city of Istanbol, and the many lands of the Ottoman Empire, a new adventure, a new opportunity hit me like a maul to the head.  Why not travel there?  Oh, the many tales of the silks and spices, the many peoples of different races, the art of Islamic architecture and the rumors of the Sultan Mehmet III being a man of enlightenment, decided my fate.  Tommorow, I'd board a cargo ship across the channel, travel south through France, Island hop on the Mediterranean, and make my way to the famed capitol of splendor, Istanbol, jewel of the east.

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